The quality assembly of metal structures directly depends on the competent preparation of drawings and material estimates, which is why work on any metal structure begins with design, creating a working drawing specifying the requirements for the metal structures, load calculations, and the method of connection.

First, general view drawings of the structure are developed, and the final document is considered the detailed drawing of the structure, which includes all the drawings of each detail involved in this type of connection. We use specialized 2D/3D software and a certified engineer with extensive experience to create unique design models or industrial objects. Our expertise allows you to create prototypes from an idea and launch production on a mass scale.

We manufacture products according to your drawings, sketches, or design them ourselves.

When designing a structural model, we adhere to the following requirements:
  • High strength. Proper selection of parameters guarantees the durability of the structure.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Using the optimal amount of metal with the same strength indicators.
  • Ease of installation. Convenient installation and connection of elements during assembly work.
  • Unique design. Aesthetically appealing solutions for exterior elements.
  • Integrity. Welded connections ensuring solidity.

We will help you solve any complex metalworking tasks!

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We provide comprehensive services ranging from design to other metalworking services. We will help you understand the project and correctly estimate the cost. If you need to refine the design or manufacture complex metal products, contact our company, and we will solve any complex tasks ahead of you. We have good experience in welding furniture, conveyors, boats, building structures, and much more.


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