Usma stove

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Modern handmade potbelly stove “USMA”

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Modern handmade potbelly stove “USMA”. Engineering design is based on scientific knowledge and experience over hundreds of years. This unique design combines ergonomics and compactness. The potbelly stove “USMA” is very simple to be installed as well as easy to be used to heat any area for a long time.
The potbelly stove is made from power-consuming metal alloy, which allows to heat a room up to 100 m2. It begins to heat up immediately after the stove is kindled, and the slow burning mode creates ideal conditions for long burning and complete combustion of a fuel.
“USMA” allows you to use almost any type of ignition fuel. A thoughtful design will eliminate the smell of smoke.
Because of high prices of gas and electricity or when it’s technically impossible to use them, this universal stove can be a cheap alternative, which allows you to save money on your bill so you can be as cost-efficient as possible.

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 58 × 38 × 58 cm
handle color

red, black, brown


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